Red Riding Hood (2011) movie trailer

Red Riding Hood (2011) movie trailer

Red Riding Hood (2011) Plot

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Valerie (Amanda Seyfried) is a young woman living in the village of Daggerhorn. She is in love with the woodcutter Peter (Shiloh Fernandez), but her parents Cesaire (Billy Burke) and Suzette (Virginia Madsen) have promised the wealthy blacksmith Adrian Lazar (Michael Shanks) that Valerie will marry his son Henry (Max Irons).

Valerie plans to run away with Peter, but their plans are put on hold when the town sirens erupt, telling the couple that the Wolf who terrorizes their village has struck again. The victim is found to be Valerie's older sister Lucie. The townspeople have offered a monthly sacrifice to the Wolf and made it clear that it should stay away from the woods. However, Lucie ventured there after discovering that Valerie had been promised to Henry, with whom Lucie ostensibly was in love.

Adrian, Henry, Peter, Cesaire, and the other men venture out into the woods to hunt the Wolf. They manage to behead one, killing Adrian in the process. The men bring the dead wolf back to the village, thinking it was the one that had been terrorizing the village.

While helping Suzette embalm Adrian's body, Valerie discovers that Suzette and Adrian once had an affair. It is revealed that Lucie is actually his daughter, and therefore also Henry's half-sister, which is why she was not promised to Henry for marriage. Valerie also learns that Cesaire is seemingly unaware of this.
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The townspeople decide to celebrate the death of the wolf, but their festivities are interrupted by the arrival of famous witch hunter Father Solomon (Gary Oldman). He reveals that the townspeople did not kill the real Wolf because, if they had, it would have changed back into its human form -- meaning that the beast is a werewolf. The townspeople decide to continue the celebration but, once again, the festivities are interrupted -- this time, however, by the arrival of the real Wolf. It is revealed that those bitten by the Wolf during the week of a blood moon shall receive the curse as well. Valerie and her friend Roxanne (Shauna Kain) are cornered by the Wolf while attempting to get to the Church, which, as a holy ground, is considered a place of safety. The Wolf then begins speaking to Valerie in growls that she can understand -- much to her surprise. The two arrive back at the village to find that one of Father Solomon's guards, though still alive, has been bitten by the Wolf. Despite protest from the guard's brother, Father Solomon kills the guard in an attempt to save the town from yet another werewolf.

The following day, Roxanne's autistic brother is arrested by Father Solomon -- who believes him to be an accomplice of the Wolf due to the frantic state in which he was found after the attack -- and put into a Brazen Bull. For her brother's release, Roxanne tells Father Solomon that Valerie can communicate with the Wolf, only to find that her brother has already died in the Brazen Bull. Father Solomon then captures Valerie and uses her as bait to lure the Wolf out of hiding, but she is rescued by Peter and Henry.

Henry frees Valerie while Peter heads to the tower where Father Solomon has been overseeing the action. Peter sets the tower on fire -- only to be caught in the act and thrown into the Brazen Bull, though the fire is not lit underneath it. Father Solomon's men are about to shoot Valerie and Henry when the Wolf appears, killing several more people. The Wolf then follows Valerie to the church, only to burn its paw upon entering. Father Solomon attempts to kill the Wolf, but has his hand bitten off instead. Roxanne and the others shield her from the Wolf until the sun rises. Valerie later has a dream and becomes convinced that her Grandmother (Julie Christie) -- who lives in a cabin in the woods -- is the Wolf. She sets out to destroy her Grandmother and save the village while Father Solomon is executed.
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Valerie is about to leave the village when she makes a stop at the Church and puts Father Solomon's severed hand in her basket. Valerie meets Peter in the woods and notices he's wearing a glove. When he doesn't explain how he was able to get out of the elephant, Valerie comes to the conclusion that he's the Wolf and that he is attempting to hide his burned paw. Valerie slashes him with a knife and then flees. She arrives at her grandmother's house only to find her Grandmother is acting strangely and will not reveal herself. The curtains are pulled back and it is revealed that the Wolf was neither Peter nor Valerie's grandmother but Cesaire, who was faking her grandmother's voice. Cesaire explains that he needed someone to pass his gift onto as the blood moon is almost over. He originally intended for it to be Lucie, but she saw him and remained frightened. Since any offspring of a Wolf is able to understand its language, Cesaire attempted to communicate with Lucie. However, when Lucie was unable to understand him, Cesaire realized Suzette's infidelity. It was upon this revelation that Cesaire killed Lucie in an act of rage, later killing Adrian and clawing Valerie's mother.

Cesaire is about to bite Valerie when Peter arrives to save her. Cesaire then fights Peter and bites him. As Cesaire attempts to bite Valerie again, Peter throws his axe into his back and Valerie stabs him with the silver fingernails of Father Solomon's severed hand - killing him. Valerie and Peter then dispose of Cesaire's body by filling him with rocks and dumping him into the river.

Valerie chooses to remain living in her grandmother's house while Peter retreats to the wilderness in order to learn how to control his power as he is fully aware that he's cursed. A few years later, Valerie is picking some plants when she hears a sound. She turns around, and sees Peter in his wolf-form. The film ends with the reminiscence of the couple's memories up in the snow mountains.
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Red Riding Hood is an American horror film directed by Catherine Hardwicke and starring Amanda Seyfried as the title role, from a screenplay by David Leslie Johnson. It is very loosely based on the folk tale Little Red Riding Hood collected by both Charles Perrault under the name "Le Petit Chaperon Rouge" (Little Red Riding Hood) and several decades later by the Brothers Grimm as "Rotkäppchen" (Little Redcap).
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Red Riding Hood (2011) Starring
# Amanda Seyfried
# Gary Oldman
# Billy Burke
# Shiloh Fernandez
# Max Irons
# Virginia Madsen
# Lukas Haas
# Julie Christie
Red Riding Hood (2011) movie poster
Red Riding Hood (2011) movie poster

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